Deutsch Line to produce air fresheners To let the environment smell for something specific offers to plenty products high sales volumes. Besides the air freshening and perfuming in the private sector there are also commercial benefits: Increase product awareness Awakening of emotions Recognition Increasing the residence Lightening of the mood Increasing of concentration or sedation Increased communication and willingness to purchase FILLTEC realized and delivered a production line for a very innovative fragrance dispenser: Product: The scented gel is dispensed through a piston filler into the U-shell. The shell is closed by a self- adhesive label and inserted into a ball consisting of two half shells. Via a central spindle, the ball can be opened from 0 to appr. 10 mm. The shell can be removed by the enduser who removes the label to spread the scent. The ball can be closed to minimize / adjust the scenting.  The product is marketed in an attractive totally sealed blister pack. FILLTEC’s fully automated line has a capacity of 2,400 air fresheners per hour. It  consists of the following components: Filling of the U-shells with the scented gels (customer). Sealing of the shells by labeling. Manual placement of the empty balls. Opening the of the balls by turning. Inserting of the shells with the scented gels. Closing of the balls by anticlockwise turning. Magazine with removal of the upper packaging part (Blister pack). Aligned inserting of the balls into the upper packaging part. Placement of  bottom (tray) onto  in the upper blister pack (customer). Sealing of the tray with the upper part by temperature and pressuer All drives for the conveyor are frequency modulated Control of the system: SIEMENS S7 Do you have questions or are you looking for a solution? Just contact us. Videos Pictures Back to Special Machines Home Imprint Sitemap