Deutsch Semi-Automatic Filling-Machine Autom Filling-Machine/Flowcontrol Unit Autom Filling-Machine/Piston Metering Packaging-Machine/Unscrambler Bottle Closer Labelling System Elevator Sorter Special Purpose Machines Mobile Filling Station Products processed on the filling machines of Filltec International can be: Chemical-cosmetic-industry: Shampoo, foam baths, washing up liquid, liquid soap, shower gel, cleansing agent, glas cleansing agent, car shampoo, liquid shoe polish, hair tonic, polish remover, distilled water, floor cleansing agent, liquid rubbing powder, body lotion, sun lotion. Food: Edible oil, vinegar, milk, pizza, ketchup, additives to meat preparations, mustard, juices without gas, coke base materials, soya oil, liquid chocolate, wine, overglazes, jam and allied products Solvents: Nitro compound, paraffin, mineral oil, petrol, wood preservation scumble, hand gel cleanser, glue for wood and paper, spirit as welll as allied products Other media: Antifreeze, special oils, printe circuit board ( PCB) hardener, special lacquer, emulsion paint, rim cleanser Hygiene: Disinfectant, body cleansing milk, cream Petroleum products: Motor oils, gear oils, brake fluid, gasoline, kerosene, naphtha Technical Liquids: Acids, alkalis, solvents, thinners, glues, hardeners for PCBs, wood stains, paints, carbolineum Our machines can fill all related products in: Bags, bottles, metal / plastic / glass, jars, cartons Do you have questions or are you looking for a solution? Just contact us. We have the tailor-made solution for you. FILLTEC Technology GmbH builds machines based on individual problem analysis. Our machines are almost entirely of stainless steel and in the best production quality. Whoever works with Filltec can use our know-how of more than two decades to his advantage. Here you will find a diagram of a filling line. Just click on the parts of machines or click on the menu on the left for more information. Semi-Automatic Filling-Machines Automatic Filling- Machines Flowcontrol Unit Automatic Filling- Machines Piston Metering Selector Bottle closer Labelling System Packaging-Machine/ Unscrambler filling labelling/ closing supply/ set upright packing palletizing Elevator Unscrambler Unscrambler MACHINES Used Equipment Home Imprint Sitemap Blow Molding Machines