Deutsch Automatic Filling-Machines with Flow Control Unit Application area: All kind of packaging species made of plastics, PET, glas or blank sheet in various shapes. For medias from liquid to highly viscous from 4 up to ~ ccm. All machines are equiped with PLC or logo control system. Filling areas: Chemical, chemical-cosmetic-, acidic-, leach-, food-, cosmetic- solvent-, pharmaceutical- and mineraloil-products. Upgradable: All machines can be upgraded to complete production lines, with supplying of bottles, closurer, labeler, coders, collector packer, cardboard box erecting, packer, cardboard box closer, shrinker, palletiser and transportation locker. Due to these low priced combinations, you chalk up a high rationality with low operating costs. Construction: The automatically filling machines can be engineered with inductive or mass flow control unit. The filling medium defines the application. It is always good to applicable as an endurance machine, in this connection you use a double belt system with two filling heads.While you fill up on belt 1, on belt 2 the bottels are arriving and the filling head is plunging in. After completion the system redirections, which means that the machine never rests. Available in an EX-version as well. Technical Data: Meterrange:  50 - 5000 ccm per Hub Height:           from 750 - 900 mm Capacity:           up to 4800 Stk. / á 1 Liter Fillarea:           from 2- 10 Do you have questions or are you looking for a solution? Just contact us. Videos Pictures Data Sheet FFD 1-12 Back to Machines Home Imprint Sitemap Data Sheet FFD 4-2